California Condors

A Day at Pinnacles National Park

Shirlaine and Bob Baldwin


The California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) is thought to date from around 40,000 years ago and is the largest North American land bird. In 1982 there were just 22 remaining in the world, and in 1987 the last California Condor was removed from the wild to preserve the species.  The birds were reintroduced to the wild in 1997.  Pinnacles National Park in Central California, approximately 80 miles southeast of San Jose, is the only National Park Service unit serving as a release site for California Condors hatched in captivity. Still critically endangered, the Park population today stands at around 70 Condors. 


Visiting Pinnacles National Park, authors Shirlaine and Bob Baldwin were treated to a rare and magnificent display by several birds which they were able to capture in the glorious photographs featured in this book. 


Few people ever get to see the California Condor, and the incredible photographs in this book include condors in flight, at rest, dancing and generally showing off for the camera.


8.5" x 8.5"  100 pp. Full colour throughout.

ISBN: 978-1-943492-10-7


$34.95 + $4.50 s/h (USA only)*

"I have rarely seen any pictures so stunning.  i am full of wonder how they were able to capture such shots.  i cannot emphasize enough that this is a "must see" book.  my husband and i will cherish this book and enjoy looking at it over and over and over again."

                                                                  – Geoff Cantrell and Anne Takefuji

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