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Darkness Falls 



Three high-schoolers – with help from the ghost of a soldier accused of treachery and treason – set out to solve a 200 year old murder mystery!


by Heidi Klose

Nico, Tessie and Vinnie are 12th grade students at St. Paul Catholic High School in the City of Niagara Falls, Canada. During a Hallowe’en Night ghost walk, the three encounter a man dressed in a historic British uniform, who offers to guide them through a genuine haunted house. At the end of the tour, the soldier – who introduces himself as Sergeant Kenneth McTaggart – disappears into thin air! They later learn that there was a Sergeant Kenneth McTaggart who had been branded a traitor for selling information to the Americans about British troop movements during the war of 1812! Convinced that they had encountered McTaggart’s ghost and that he was asking for their help to establish his innocence, they set out to prove he was no traitor.   


The evidence seems to confirm their worst fears, but they suspect that their enquiries are not being taken seriously, or worse, that key pieces of information are being held back from them – and when a local politician has them followed, they know something is very wrong. 


Fast paced and entertaining, Darkness Falls on Niagara is full of danger, intrigue and encounters with the supernatural. A mystery more than 200 years in the making... 

Soft Cover

$11.99 + $3.50 s/h (USA only)*

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