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An inspired collection of intriguing paintings by Kristy Deetz, accompanied by charming and satirical stories by Edward S. Louis. 


Join the shape-shifting Rabbit, along with his best friend and astute sidekick Kitty Boy (both close friends of  The Artist) as they  venture into a land of visual and linguistic imagination, enthusiastically posing as art critics! Clever conversations between the two characters spark interpretation of the images, connecting with ideas from art history and theory, along with subtly dark humor – and plenty of puns!

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“The Singular Adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy is a treasure.”


Cheryl Goldsleger, Morris Eminent Scholar in Art, Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia


“This is a generous and joyful book: a visual feast with a healthy dose of wisdom and a welcome splash of humor...”

Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Dorothy L. Stubnitz Professor of Art Artist & Professor Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University


“...a Wonderland of sheer delight.”

Richard H. Axsom, PhD, Senior Curator Emeritus, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art


“...a joyful journey with the fantastic, gentle adventures of Rabbit and Kitty Boy... accompanied by a range of beautiful images.”


Don. J. Pollack, Adjunct Associate Professor, Visual Communications Design School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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