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25 Years Later


Scott Wood

Quibbley first enlisted with the US Army in 1984, when cartoonist Scott Wood introduced him to the military world through the pages of the European edition of Stars and Stripes. Quibbley enjoyed a long and distinguished – if not particularly heroic – 

service career, entertaining the troops a long way from home with his wit and wisdom, as he stumbled from one misadventure 

to the next. The comic strip ran for 10 years, spawning 8 books and a Short-Timer’s calendar.  

Now, 25 years after his last bugle call, Scott Wood (encouraged by Quibbley fans all over the world) has decided that 2020 is the perfect time for Quibbley to reenlist! Enduring and endearing as ever, Quibbley, together with his old sparring partners and friends Trudy, Marvin, Sgt. Mom, Lt. McFlakey and of course his forever faithful mutt Clump, is back in the Army.


Enjoy the fun. Anything can happen!

108-pages 11" x 8.5" (horizontal).

Soft Cover

$28.99 + $4.00 s/h (Media Mail USA only)*

Sadly, Scott Wood passed away in July 2020, a victim of Covid 19.


Born in Sacramento, California, in 1943, he enjoyed creating cartoons at an early age, attempting to get his first cartoon published at the age of nine. In high school, he created cartoons for the school newspaper and won a state-wide poster contest highlighting better driving through better vision. Scott attended New Mexico Military Institute and subsequently Texas Tech University on a track scholarship, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. After graduation, Scott was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He served in several posts in the United States and overseas in Vietnam, Korea and Germany as an armor officer, helicopter pilot and instructor pilot. Scott retired from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel after 23 years of distinguished service. 


During his time in Germany, Scott created the popular cartoon strip Quibbley, which appeared in the European Stars and Stripes newspaper for ten years and spawned eight books and several posters. The popularity of the comic strip was evidenced by the creation of a Quibbley Fan Club with several hundred members.

Look for the earlier Quibbley comic books to be republished in the near future!

FREE PREVIEW (click to enlarge)

Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.20
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.202
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.203
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.206
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.207
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.208
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.209
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2010
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2012
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2013
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2011
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2015
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2014
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2016
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2017
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2018
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.2019
Quibbley Reenlisted-05.22.204
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