In Search

of Other Skies

In Search

of Other Skies

A Story of Saltillo

Chris Steer


      In Search of Other Skies is a story about transition – moving from the United States to begin a new life in Saltillo, Mexico. It is a story about a man’s pursuit of the love of his life, and all the accompanying pain and angst. Most of all it is the story of a personal journey across boundaries both physical and cultural.

      Although the events in In Search of Other Skies take place in the space of one month (September, 2015), the story spans a far greater time period as the author reflects on past experiences in his life, emotions he has gone through and people who have influenced him. 

It is a personal journey across physical and cultural boundaries and one man’s pursuit of love and happiness in a new country. 

      Though written as a novel–with some degree of license–the author is narrating a piece of his own life, adding the occasional anecdotal aside to the audience. The reader will share the author’s pain, laugh with him, cry with him, feel anger and sorrow with him. 

Anyone who has emigrated to a different country–or thought about it–looking for a new life and love, cannot help but identify with Chris Steer’s compelling story.

      The author claims that, like Giuseppe di Lampedusa – the Sicilian aristocrat who penned IL Gatopardo (The Leopard) In Search of Other Skies is destined to be his one and only foray into the literary arts. Readers may find the charm and originality of In Search of Other Skies so irrestible that they clamour for more.

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This engrossing story unveils raw and real emotions around vivid and detailed descriptions of barely known but beautiful parts of Mexico. What a delightful read! 

–Alejandra Chiapa


I think In Search Of Other Skies is a fascinating book, and will become a treasure of Saltillo—a city practically 

unknown to the rest of the world. It’s also very funny in places. 

–Erick Tovar


The romance at the heart of the book between an older gringo and a very beautiful young Mexican woman is full of emotion and surprises. I had to keep reading! 

–Judy James

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