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Imperial Japanese Tiger Art Good Luck         Flags of World War Two         


Michael  A. Bortner


No other animal served to inspire and motivate the Japanese warrior in World War Two more than the magnificent tiger.


From the author of Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Belts, Michael Bortner’s  long awaited Battle Carried examines World War Two era Imperial Japanese good luck signed flags, featuring artistic renderings of the tiger. 


Battle Carried examines the history, meaning and cultural context of tiger imagery as it applied to the decoration of good luck flags. Through hundreds of extensive color images and detailed close-ups, as well as woodblock prints and rare vintage photographs, this book superbly illustrates some of the rarest and most highly sought after specimens of tiger art flags, many of which are identified to their soldier, sailor and airmen owners. 


Battle Carried is an invaluable resource for artists and scholars of Japanese culture, as well as for historians and collectors of flags and Japanese wartime memorabilia. 

194-pages, large format 8.5" x 11" (215mm x 280mm) Includes 180 colour and b/w photographs, including flags from private collections  and personal family albums never  published before.

Hard cover casebound

$69.99 + $4.50 s/h

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“Thank you for examining the texture of the Pacific War in fine detail. Our knowledge of the culture of Japan’s war is stronger thanks to you!” 

     With Admiration, 

– Lee K. Pennington, PhD, Associate Professor of History, The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis and Author Casualties of History: Wounded Japanese Servicemen and the Second World War

“Dr. Bortner’s broad and thorough examination and well-organized presentation places the artifacts in context, allowing the reader to better understand them and the warriors who carried them... This treatise advances our understanding of Japanese history, culture, language, textiles and art.” 

– Gregory A. Babich, Co-author Imperial Japanese Grenade Rifles and Launchers 

“Never before has the significance of the tiger and the role that it played within the psyches of the Japanese military men of the Pacific War been studied. An essential read...” 

– Ron Werneth, Author The Fall of the Japanese Empire and Beyond Pearl Harbor.

TRIPLE Award Winner!

Winner in TWO categories at the International Impact Book Awards: Collectibles and Antiques and Education and Academic. 

Award-Winning Finalist for the 2021 International Book Awards: History: Military.
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Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2114
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2117
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2118
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2119
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2120
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2121
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2122
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2124
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2125
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2123
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2126
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2128
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2127
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2130
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2129
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2133
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2134
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2132
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2131
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2136
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2135
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2138
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2137
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2140
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2141
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2139
Battle Carried-text-Final-02.22.2142
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