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Internationally known cartoonist Scott Wood, famed for his Quibbley cartoon strip in the European issue of Stars and Stripes, as well as his work for luxury car manufacturer Porsche, takes a fun and nostalgic look at those early cell phones and how they changed our lives... and how they might have changed history if they’d been invented 100 or even a million years ago.

114-pages 11" x 8.5" (horizontal) full colour throughout.

Soft Cover

$27.99 + $4.00 s/h (Media Mail USA only)*

Hard Cover + Dust Jacket

$35.99 + $4.00 s/h (Media Mail USA only)*

Sadly, Scott Wood passed away in July 2020, a victim of Covid 19.


Born in Sacramento, California, in 1943, he enjoyed creating cartoons at an early age, attempting to get his first cartoon published at the age of nine. In high school, he created cartoons for the school newspaper and won a state-wide poster contest highlighting better driving through better vision. Scott attended New Mexico Military Institute and subsequently Texas Tech University on a track scholarship, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. After graduation, Scott was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He served in several posts in the United States and overseas in Vietnam, Korea and Germany as an armor officer, helicopter pilot and instructor pilot. Scott retired from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel after 23 years of distinguished service. 


During his time in Germany, Scott created the popular cartoon strip Quibbley, which appeared in the European Stars and Stripes newspaper for ten years and spawned eight books and several posters. The popularity of the comic strip was evidenced by the creation of a Quibbley Fan Club with several hundred members.

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The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res33
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res36
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res35
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res310
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res39
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res312
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res313
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res314
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res316
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res315
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res323
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res325
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res317
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res321
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res320
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res319
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res322
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res326
The Cell Phone-reorganized-lo-res330
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