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China, FDR and the Plot to Bomb Japan

Michael Lemish


Could the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 have been prevented? 

Could war have been avoided? 

Or did this secret plan only hasten Japan’s intentions to attack the United States?

In BEFORE PEARL HARBOR – China, FDR and the Plot to Bomb Japan, noted author and historian Michael Lemish explores America’s strained relationship with Japan and growing allegiance with China – already at war with the Japanese Empire since 1937 – and uncovers a top secret plan being hatched between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Chinese government to send U.S. heavy bombers to Tokyo, long before the attack on Pearl Harbor, in the hope of averting a war with Japan which seemed  more and more inevitable.  

Painstakingly researched and well-documented, this true story of political power and intrigue was hidden from the American people for decades following the war. The cast of characters reads like a Who’s Who of 1930s and ’40s celebrities, from pioneer aviators Charles Lindbergh and Jimmy Doolittle to writer Ernest Hemingway, as well as senior politicians and leading journalists from both countries – including Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek and his charismatic wife – and FDR himself.

Hardback $28.99 + $3.70 shipping*

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“... the first book on history I couldn’t put down... A definitive work of impressive detail and analysis, Before Pearl Harbor – China, FDR and the Plot to Bomb Japan is a must read.”


– Lt. Col. James Huggins, 

      Producer, The Robert Hartsock Story

I want to thank Michael Lemish for his meticulously researched book and his well-documented account about the lack of interest and cover ups that led to the attack on Pearl Harbor. This book leaves the reader in baffled bewilderment and wondering how different things might have been had someone just paid attention. My grandfather was General Claire Chennault and I have always known about the controversy he created within the Army Air Corps. I also knew that President Roosevelt listened when no one else would but according to this account it seems that President Roosevelt himself was also ignored within the realms of Congress and the War Department. It leaves the reader wondering what would have happened if people had just paid attention to China during this critical period of history.


– Nell Calloway (Granddaughter of Claire Chennault.) 

President/CEO of the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum.

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