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“It takes a skilled and intelligent imagination to seamlessly blend history and fiction. Rose doesn’t gloss over the brutality of the period...”

– 5 Stars ForeWord Clarion Review


Mistress of the Castle


– Jai Rose –


A Saxon girl of noble blood and striking beauty, Judith witnessed her mother’s bloody and untimely death in childbirth. When her father is killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, she is left at the mercy of a cruel stepmother. 


Her ancestral home, Oakwood, is taken over by the Norman invaders and one of William the Conqueror’s top commanders, Raoul “The Hawk” takes ownership. At the tender age of 15, Judith is married to Raoul. Raoul is smitten with Judith, even though he is almost twice her age. Devoted and dutiful to her husband, Judith can have no idea how drastically her life is about to change...

The newly crowned King, William the Conqueror, faces rebellion throughout England, and Raoul – one of William’s favored military commanders – is away from home for much of the time. Left alone in charge of the castle, Judith faces many difficult and often dangerous challenges – not least when Raoul’s evil brother, Eustace, plots to attack Oakwood and take it over for his own use. 


Will Judith’s courage and determination be enough to  secure the safety of her home and her family?


6" x 9"  284-pages

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Soft Cover

$17.99 + $3.75 s/h (USA only)*

Hard Cover

$29.99 + $3.75 s/h (USA only)*

* To order multiple copies or for overseas shipping, please email.

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