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Dark Angel

First Book in a New Trilogy:


The First Immortal


by  Stone Palatin

The darkest and most mysterious times in the history of the world are brought to breathtaking life in this action-packed, epic fantasy, set in the time before the great flood.


Magnificent and powerful beasts roamed the earth and the seas, along with giants, fallen angels and their offspring.


Myth, legend and theology intertwine in this tale of love, betrayal, redemption and the titanic struggle between good and evil, and the quest for eternal life.


In this first adventure of the Trilogy, “The First Immortal: Dark Angel," the reader is transported to a majestic civilization built by Adam, the first man, Cain, his son and antagonist – and their deadly foes, the Dark Lords, led by a powerful ruler, Lucifer.


A story as old as time itself, Dark Angel is a fast paced novel about the struggle between good and evil that combines spellbinding adventure like Lord of the Rings with the creatures from Jurassic Park and features the characters from the Old Testament.

Soft Cover

$17.99 + $3.50 s/h (USA only)*

Deluxe Hard Back with Dust Jacket

$29.99 + $3.50 s/h (USA only)*

Early reviews for Dark Angel


“Deliciously dark and portentously gothic, the Creation narrative enhanced with vivid characters. Stone Palatin’s cinematic vision of man’s coming-of-age fills biblical blanks with mystery, love, lust and danger. Myth-altering, suspenseful, affecting and seductive, this trilogy may become a wellspring of footnotes for biblical tales to come.”

—Paul Raphael, author


“All the excitement, adventure, intrigue, mystery, lust, deception, greed, ambition, and action that you could ask for. A fast paced novel in an ancient almost Jurassic Park setting with prehistoric beasts, giants, fallen angels, and mankind. All embroiled in an epic battle for survival. A sure fire best seller. “

—LeRoy Phillips


“Dark Angels is an intriguing read. Once you start the book, you will not want to put it down.”

—Eddie Silman


“Have you ever wondered what a fiction novel would be like if you merged Lord of the Rings and the Old Testament? Well, wonder no more! The First Immortal: Dark Angel combines the action packed fiction that many of us know and love and seeks to paint a picture of what the world was like in a dark time of the Bible.” 

—Benjamin Redfield

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