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Cartoonist Scott Wood is internationally known for his comic strip, “Quibbley,” which appeared in the European edition of The Stars and Stripes, as well as his work for luxury car manufacturer Porsche and the Porsche Carrera Magazine. 

In his latest work, The Animal Kingdom, Scott Wood brings together humanity and the animal kingdom, reflecting imagined humor experienced and expressed by numerous species, including sea creatures and select members of the insect community.

Please read and enjoy it.  Your dog and cat may enjoy it as well. Ask them. 

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A selection of Scott's personal favorite cartoons from The Animal Kingdom, which he’s left in black and white outline so that you can match his own colors as seen in the full-color version of the book, or choose your own color schemes, using the medium of your choice: markers, watercolors, colored pencils, crayons or whatever they like to work with. 

Hope you have as much fun as Scott does!


Full Color version:

112-pages 11" x 8.5" (horizontal) full colour throughout.

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Coloring book: b/w


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