FREEDOM FIGHTER


In World War Two he fought with the armies of three different countries. Soldier, resistance fighter, secret agent, inventor and American patriot. This is his true life story.


Vito Cellini was born in America and raised in Italy. Drafted into the fascist Italian army in World War Two, he was court martialled for desertion and sent to fight at the front lines where he deserted again to join Tito’s Partisans in Yugoslavia, fighting elite German units. Rejoining the Allies he volunteered as an agent with the OSS and SOE in southern Italy, eliminating criminals and undesirables. After the war he found his skills in demand in the private sector, even posing as a Mafia crime boss to take on Italian gangsters. Now in his 90s, Cellini looks back on his life as 

a soldier, resistance fighter, agent, inventor, advisor to world leaders in the art of guerrilla warfare – and thorn in the side of the US intelligence establishment. He is the holder of 19 patents for his remarkable inventions which include the Cellini muzzle brake used by US Special Forces and Law Enforcement.  


Author Mick J. Prodger spent more than two years interviewing Cellini, travelling in the US and Europe with him, talking to those who know him and visiting the sites of his adventures, as well as researching the historical background for this book.


KIRKUS Starred Review


"...Cellini leads readers through the globe-spanning series of adventures that made up his life... The author’s exploits sometimes verge on the picaresque, but the reader is always left with a clear sense of the danger Cellini often found himself facing, and even in the book’s most intimate scenes, violence is never far away... and although Cellini’s recollections make up the bulk of the story, it is also well-researched, with plenty of substantiating detail and further information about the many well-known figures he encountered. Cellini tells a fascinating story and keeps the reader enthralled and engaged... "

– Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


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