Hail to the Chiefs


Stephen James Poppoon

The year is 1969, long before soccer has become popular in the United States... 


Five players from a powerhouse high school soccer program enroll at Bainbridge University, where football is everything and soccer has only just become a varsity sport. Bainbridge has only won two games in the past year and their new coach has never even played the game...


Juggling their personal lives and relationships around academic courses and a demanding schedule of practice and games is tough enough - but life is about to become challenging for these college freshmen...


Based on true events.

Real people reviews from amazon.com:


“An exciting, page-turning experience for all readers who love a good yarn... 

If you’re not a jock, though, never fear: plenty of other stuff happens... dates, romances, frat parties, science-lab hijinks, fist fights, drunken exploits... Anyone who’s been to college, as an athlete or not, will be taken back to those days...”


“American Graffiti” meets “Victory” ... Hail to the Chiefs is funny, nostalgic... gut wrenching... best of all, it’s a well-written and very entertaining read.”


“This book put me into the time and place in a way that was extremely compelling, and the characters came alive on the pages. A good weekend read!”

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