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Jeffrey D. Guidry is a private pilot, aviation historian and avid collector of military flight gear. A lifelong passion for aviation – and in particular the USAF Thunderbirds – was the impetus for this unique book. The effort involved more than 23 years of research, countless interviews, and onsite visits to Nellis AFB, Gentex Corporation (which produces the helmets) and aviation museums across the United States.







Blue Angels



Jeffrey D. Guidry

Foreword by  CAPT. Greg "Rugdance" Wooldridge, USN (Retired)



The first ever book to explore the history, development and evolution of the United States Navy Blue Angels flight helmets, from the team’s inception in 1946 to the present day.

A companion book to The Red Helmet by the same author, this volume looks at the various helmets used throughout the Navy display team’s 75-year history, from their humble beginnings when pilots wore nylon fabric helmets, through the evolution to hard shell headgear constructed of fiberglass, Kevlar and high-tech resins.

Meet several Blue Angels through in-depth interviews, and go behind the scenes at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, home of the Blue Angels.

The book is illustrated with hundreds of black & white and full color photos of Blue Angels flight helmets, many from the personal collections of Blue Angel pilots, as well as museums and other private collections, spanning 75 years.

336-pages, large format 8.5" x 11" (215mm x 280mm) casebound hard-cover, profusely illustrated with color and b/w photographs, most of which have never been previously published.

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Laminated casebound (hard cover) 

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Yellow Helmet 06.20.224
Yellow Helmet 06.20.222
Yellow Helmet 06.20.223
Yellow Helmet 06.20.225
Yellow Helmet 06.20.227
Yellow Helmet 06.20.228
Yellow Helmet 06.20.229
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2210
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2211
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2212
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2213
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2214
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2215
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2216
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2217
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2218
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2219
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2220
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2221
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2222
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2223
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2224
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2225
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2226
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2227
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2228
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2229
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2230
Yellow Helmet 06.20.2231
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