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Frequently Asked Questions


You probably have a million questions, and we are happy to reply personally to your specific enquiries (please email).

Meantime, here are the answers to some of our most often asked questions...



What makes Elm Grove Publishing different from other publishing companies?

We look at everything from the author’s point of view. Being authors ourselves, as well as specialists in graphic design and marketing, we know how complicated the process can be. You shouldn’t have to learn new software programs or spend hours formatting files. We make it as easy as it can be for authors, whether first time or old hands, to get their books produced and published professionally, quickly and efficiently.


Do you accept any book for publication?

Essentially our philosophy is “if you write it, we’ll publish,” because we believe there is a market for all ideas. We may offer guidance or suggestions, and we do reserve the right to refuse anything we consider unsuitable or potentially illegal.


Do I need to copyright my work before I submit it to you?

No. Unpublished work is protected by common and statutory law. Upon publication, Elm Grove Publishing will register the copyright of your book with the Library of Congress in YOUR name. You will always retain the copyright for your work.


Can I provide the cover design for my book?

The saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but in fact that is exactly what everyone does!  The cover is the single most important factor in determining whether someone will show interest your book. Input is welcome and you may provide art, design ideas and photographs for consideration (at your own expense), but the publisher has final approval for the cover design.


Who sets the price for my book?

The publisher will set the price for the book. Pricepoint is a key factor in publishing and e-publishing and is based on factors such as cost of production and design of the book, type of production (fixed or reflowable for electronic; number of pages, type of paper, type of cover, etc for print) and comparable pricing of other books in the genre.


Will I make any money from sales of my book?

You will receive a percentage of the retail price of each book sold, called a royalty. Most authors do not make a lot of money from book sales, electronic or printed, but sales will depend to some extent on the type of book, general interest in your chosen subject and how much you are willing to help promote it (even top selling authors have to make public appearances!). The short answer is keep writing, but “don’t quit your day job!”


How will my book be promoted?

We will promote your book on our website and social media pages, with links to sources where it can be purchased (such as We will seek reviews and reviewers for your book to boost sales and will try to arrange book-signings whenever possible and practical for you. In addition we will provide help and guidance for you to effectively self-promote your book using your local resources – and nationally via social media. We will provide you with electronic marketing material such as bookmarks, postcards, e-cards, invitations to book signings for you to circulate among your friends and followers. We will notify you of any paid advertising opportunities which may arise (such as book fairs, special promotions, etc). 


In what format will my book be available?

Your book will be produced in soft cover and / or hard back editions and in some cases as an e-book (e-books are used mainly for fiction and books that do not require a lot of images for formatting, though great strides are taking place in the e-book technology which may make picture books more compatible in the near future). We will look at the market to determine the best budget options and advise accordingly.


What is "Print on Demand"?

"Print on Demand" offers the reader a hard copy of a book, digitally printed in high resolution on quality paper stock, and complete with cover (either soft cover or hardback). Such is the technology that each book is literally printed and bound to order and shipped to the customer immediately. More and more books are printed using this technology and the quality is such nowadays that it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a book which has been "printed-on-dmand" and one produced using traditional offset printing.


Someone once said that the only "stupid" question is the one you don't ask. If you have any questions related to writing or publishing your book, please email and ask. If enough people ask the same question, we'll add it to this page!

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