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We will distribute your book through all major online outlets including and barnes & Noble, as well as offering it through our own website.


We will contact prospective reviewers and offer digital and printed review copies.


We will encourage readers to write reviews for posting on appropriate blogs and websites. 


Most importantly, we will guide you in ways you can market your book creatively and effectively and at little or no cost (such as social networking) to make sure you have as wide an audience as possible.


We strongly recommend that you have a personal website and/or social media* page dedicated to promoting your book.

(*If you are familiar and comfortable with them). 


There are around 2.5 million new books published every year, so as you can imagine, reaching the right audience is quite a challenge. How will people find your book among the 2,499,999 others? 

The answer is by building your own audience of readers, in the same way you build followers on social media. 

One thing that cannot be over-emphasized is that, as a small independent publishing company, we rely a great deal on you, as the author, to help generate "buzz" about your book that will help generate sales. The best way to market any book is for the author to be the “central point." No one knows more about your own circle than you; friends, family, colleagues, associates and people with shared interests - and if everyone you know tells someone else, and then they tell someone else, and so on - it really helps to boost sales! Contacting local libraries, independent bookshops, dealers, clubs and organizations with an interest in your subject also helps; and being available to speak to these groups and arrange booksignings is where the marketing effort begins! People love to meet published authors and many will want to buy a personally signed copy of the book, so invest the time in your work. Be prepared to work hard to sell it!


The sky really is the limit when it comes to marketing and promoting your book, and with more than 30 years experience in advertising and marketing, our experts will show you the "how to's" and the "don't do's" to make your publishing experience fun and rewarding.

Marketing and distribution of your book

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