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Diane Prodger


A New Englander from Taunton, Massachusetts, Diane achieved her B.F.A at the University of Massachusetts before moving to Texas to work on national and international accounts for a major advertising agency prior to co-founding her own advertising and design firm. With more than 30 years experience as a designer, art director and marketing professional, she was ready for a new challenge, and together with her husband, decided to pursue their long-time dream of establishing a publishing company to create opportunities for authors of all genres.




Mick J. Prodger


Born in North Wales and educated in the South of England, Mick came to Texas in the 1980s after working with an advertisng agency in London and freelancing as a writer and illustrator. He met Diane and they co-founded a highly successful advertising and design firm handling regional, national and international accounts as well as local business. He is the author of five books and illustrator of several more, as well as a successful creative director and advertising copywriter. Elm Grove Publishing, a studio welcoming authors of all types of books, is the culmination of their joint dream.

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