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Humanity's Resilience
A Sketchbook of War in Ukraine
Sara Barcus

This facsimile of Sara Barcus's original sketchbook depicts events from the first year of the war following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, illustrating both the heroism and resilience of Ukrainians and the senseless destruction and trauma of Russia’s brutal invasion. 77 original sketches based on actual, first-hand accounts of those who lived and died (and continue to survive) amid the carnage.


Sara Barcus, well known and respected San Antonio based mixed-media artist, began posting her sketches on social media and soon gained a massive following, including soldiers and families serving on the front lines of the fighting, many of whom reached out to her with their personal stories of horror and sacrifice. The sketches are based on actual stories and experiences from the war as relayed to the artist or reported via various sources.


The sketches formed the basis of a highly-acclaimed art show/exhibit at HíjoleSA, Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio, Texas in 2023.


Since the exhibit, many of the original sketches have been sold, with all profits from sales  being donated to support UNBROKEN Ukraine Some sketches are still available and can be purchased directly from the artist. Please email for details.

Book size: 8.5" x 11" 126-pages, full-color throughout on premium art paper

Please note: The artist/author is donating 100% of royalties from this book—as well as profits from ALL sales of the original artwork—to UNBROKEN, Ukraine’s work in rehabilitation and prosthetics.

Soft Cover $37.95 + $5.00 shipping


Deluxe casebound laminated hard cover $47.95 + $5.00 shipping


"Sara’s art intentionally tells the stories of those who cannot easily or safely speak their truth... people suffering in all wars, not just the one in Ukraine, matter and there is heroism among the horror. Their stories should be told. 


She continues to process and comment on her understanding of key concepts through her art."


—Kristpher Wickerham, Educator

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