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Hardback $24.95 + $4.05 shipping*

"Excellent book, a must read if you collect aviation military..."
                                                                                    – Ebay buyer

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The First Annual Market Report for Collectors of Aviation Related Militaria and Historical Flying Kit.


Compiled and edited by Mick J. Prodger, author of Vintage Flying Helmets and 

Luftwaffe vs. RAF


Trending Collectibles 2015 Military Aviation Review gathers the most up-to-date sales information available from established and reputable professionals so that collectors and dealers in this increasingly popular hobby can get a good sense of values, and how they fluctuate year by year. MILITARY AVIATION REVIEW is the first in a series of MARKET REVIEWS  for collectors of military aviation artifacts.


144 pages  /  474 color photos featuring:


• Flying Headgear 

• Flying Clothing

• Uniforms 

• Life Jackets / Parachutes

• Escape / Evasion / Survival

• Wings / Badges / Insignia

• Aircraft Parts / Relics

• Aviation Ephemera


Every item described in detail including its ACTUAL 2014 sold price in $$$, £££ and €€€.


All sales Information sourced from internationally known reputable sellers and private collectors. This is NOT just a price guide based on “expert” opinions!




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