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What Civic and Business Leaders are 

saying about Nelson Wolff’s new book...

“...should be on the reading list of every aspiring local politician...”

—Joe Straus, former Speaker of the Texas House of Represenatives


“...a well-written guide to success and failure and the appropiate use of power...”

—Kirk Watson, Mayor of Austin and former Texas State Sentator


“...a roadmap to effective leadership...”

—Hope Andrade, former Secretary of State and former Chair of the

Texas Transportation Commission.


“An entertaining and insightful book... Many of the principles also apply 

to running a major corporation.”

—Edward Whitacre, former CEO of AT&T and General Motors 


“Nelson Wolff is a legend in local government.”

—Dallas County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins


“...the blueprint to become, and excel as, an elected public servant in local government.”

—Travis County Judge Andy Brown


“I don’t know of any elected official who understands and optimizes every aspect of governing like... Nelson Wolff.”

—Ricardo A. Samaniego, El Paso County Judge 


“...includes lessons learned from decades of public service...”

—Patricia E. Roberts, Dean, St. Mary’s University School of Law


“...If you believe governing is about getting results, learn these lessons.”

—Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston


“...This book reveals how leadership should be exercised.”

—Eric Johnson, Mayor of Dallas


“...these are the principles with which I will teach future leaders.”

—Jill Fleuriet, Professor of Anthropology, the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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